The Benefits of Learning a Language

Here’s a great infographic from Kaplan and found here:

Kaplan: Benefits of Learning a Language, post by Mert Arkan and found on

Do you speak another language fluently?

– Mert Arkan


4 thoughts on “The Benefits of Learning a Language

  1. Very nice! I got my first job as an engineer in 1979, and a decisive factor was my ability to communicate in English, at least well enough to go through a technical interview with my prospective manager in the US. A large american multinational company was building a new plant in Brasil and they needed to hire a team of engineers and send them to Calif√≥rnia for on-job training; therefore communicating in English was a must-have skill for the job. In 1979 young emgineers who could speak English reasonably well were not so common; today advanced-level English is almost a default requirement for a good job; some companies are now asking for a third language (i guess that in a few years mandarin Chinese will be a must…).


  2. Yup…I’m getting there – starting my third class this fall. American Sign Language is a foreign language – a fact that many are not aware of and some silly folks argue with….has it’s own grammar, syntax, prosody…the whole works. And in my opinion, the funnest of all languages. We can eat and talk at the same time, gossip in large rooms effectively, have intense disagreement and not get tossed out of a public place and burn calories while we chat. Keep up the good blogging. ~ Kate


      • thanks! I need the good wishes. I am interpreting a little bit in Church next weekend…the first time in 25 years or so. I didn’t even worry about making mistakes back then…it means a lot more to me to do well this second time around. Good luck to you as well.


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